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Sydney CBD

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Ground Floor 70 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000

Welcome to the CBD Medical Practice

Since 2004 we have been providing general practice and many other services to the visitors, workers and residents of Sydney City.

We provide affordable high quality general medical services from both male and female practitioners.

We have a range of other services available including specialist gastroenterologists, physiotherapists, psychologists.

We have high quality medical and allied health specialists to provide better and more varied care.

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Latest News


Posted by admin on December 12, 2012

There are a variety of contraceptive choices now available,  It doesn’t have to the be ‘the pill’.  

Travel Immunisations Available

Posted by admin on December 11, 2012

It seems that the first trip that many people are taking overseas is now to south east asia.

Most of these destinations have a more complex immunisation requirement.