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You should always ask!

Fees associated with medical and allied health services are complex and can be seen to be inconsistent. Some services can be bulk billed, some receive a rebate direct from Medicare or your insurer and some you just pay the full amount. Even between insurers vary in how much and what they will pay. This becomes even more complex (and difficult) when dealing with specialist medical services so always ask! We are able to complete Medicate rebates at the practice.

You will be expected to pay your account on the day of the service.

Each doctor is able to determine their own fees and you will be informed at the time of consultation.

All allied health services are contracted and these providers determine their own fees. Please check with the provider to ensure that you know how much you may be liable for. This needs to be paid for on the day of service.



There may be a charge with some dressings.

We are not responsible for third party billings (e.g. pathology, radiology and specialists). You should discuss with these providers what their fee policy is. When you get your pathology request please ensure that you have signed it, if you are not sure please discuss this with the pathology collector (whether it be with the company collector, nurse or doctor).

WorkCover charges may be covered by your employers WorkCover insurance. However, this is not guaranteed and depends on whether your claim will be accepted. You may become liable for your accounts if WorkCover does not accept your claim.

At the end of the day, you are responsible for paying your account.